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Yoga for Disc Golf: In Your Arms

Last, but certainly not least, lets focus on stretching out our arms. I’m sure you’ve heard about someone that has blown out their shoulder or hurt their elbow playing Disc Golf. While that does have a lot to do with the fluidity of their throw, it can also be the result of forcing tight arm muscles to preform when they’re not ready. Try out these moves to strengthen and stretch those Frisbee throwers.

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Marking Your Lie

Appropriately marking your lie and creating a legal stance behind your marker is often problem on the disc golf course because of the different circumstances we face. Whether you’re just learning the game or you’re a seasoned Pro; it is important to understand these rules for the fairness of the game and give yourself an advantage when it comes to marking your disc correctly.

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Yoga for Disc Golf: Back in Action

I need to start out by saying these poses are NOT recommended for anyone with a back injury, as these moves may make them worse. If you have mild back pain, these moves may help to relieve the tightness. No matter what you do, listen to your body and never push yourself past what you can handle. 

Our backs contain large muscle groups that we use everyday from active movements to just sitting up. We may find ourselves slouching through the day on a computer, or maybe causing a stiff back from driving in the car, or maybe you just played a couple rounds of Disc Golf. Whatever it may be these moves can be so beneficial to your body to keep your back and spine healthy! Enjoy!

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Stuck in a Rut

Question from Lisa:

“After playing for many years I seem to have found a rut. My game is ok but I would like more. Any ideas how you can keep things fresh and have a little growth? After playing for so long it’s hard to see the little changes.”

Response from Val:

Hey Lisa,

I hear ya, playing so much can really cause repetition in your game, which may not always be a good thing. One thing I would suggest, if you haven’t done this already, think of the part of your game that is lacking, or a certain throw that you don’t have in your bag.

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