Stuck in a Rut

Question from Lisa:

“After playing for many years I seem to have found a rut. My game is ok but I would like more. Any ideas how you can keep things fresh and have a little growth? After playing for so long it’s hard to see the little changes.”

Response from Val:

Hey Lisa,

I hear ya, playing so much can really cause repetition in your game, which may not always be a good thing. One thing I would suggest, if you haven’t done this already, think of the part of your game that is lacking, or a certain throw that you don’t have in your bag. I think it is extremely important to know how to throw all different types of shots because you never know when you’ll need them. To change things up and to work on this certain shot, I would suggest trying to play a whole round doing that shot (I don’t recommend doing a whole overhand round, or something that may cause some serious injury). For example, I really worked on my upshots by playing a whole round with my Roc and Aviar. This forced me to use these discs on every shot and helped me figure out how far I could actually throw the disc. So I would suggest maybe trying out a new throw or disc and teaching you a “new trick”.

Hope that helps, and you can re-invent your game for 2012!

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