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Discing Down

Question from Jennifer:

What do you think of the concept of “discing down?” I keep reading on disc golf forums that people who can’t throw a Roc 300’ and a fairway driver 350’ shouldn’t use distance drivers at all.

But I see a lot of ladies I compete with using 150g class Wraiths, Vulcans, Katanas, etc. and tell me to do the same, even though I can only throw Rocs 250 feet, Leopards 275, and Sidewinders 300 feet (max weight and 150 class). I “disced down” for 6 months, but started using the Sidewinders again recently.

Do you think I should ditch the Sidewinders and just throw Leopards, keep the Sidewinders, or switch to 150 class Wraiths? Thank you.

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Choosing the Right Disc

There is a very large selection of discs to choose from and for new players it can be overwhelming trying to find a disc that you will have success with. There’s really no such thing as a ‘beginners disc’ or a ‘womens disc’, however there are certain characteristics in golf discs to look for that will help your game.

One common mistake women make when we first start playing is to choose a disc because we like the name or because it’s cool or pretty – Or throwing a disc our boyfriend or husband gave us out of their bag. Now that you’ve fallen in love with Disc Golf it’s time to get your own discs. So how do you choose the right discs? Ones that will work for you – not against you?

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Discs for Beginners

DiscGolf4Women Facebook Question: “What would you recommend as a bag of starter discs for a lady who is a non-athlete with little upper body strength or conditioning?”

The Ladies of DiscGolf4Women Facebook Group Respond:

G.R. – “Shark – great beginner disc.”

A.S. – “My favorite was the Roc when I was learning, but later I found the Cobra, which was similar, but easier for me to grip, because the lip was a little shallower. I experimented with 160 class, but 180 acted about the same for me, and handled better if there was wind. I have a couple Sharks I tried, and they are nice, too. Personally, I kept finding myself trusting the Roc (and now Cobra) more.

G.B. – “150 DX leopard”

G.B. – “Stingray or Buzzz”

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