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Winter Disc Golf Tips

I remember my first year of disc golf- 2007. I moved to Minnesota from Ohio that fall, and winter disc golf was a rude awakening to me. One of my first winter rounds, I managed to lose 3 discs on one hole, which made me so frustrated that I quit that day. I got myself a winter disc golf education from the rest of the crazy Minnesotans who will play regardless of the course conditions or temperature. The round that made me realize I may officially be a Minnesotan (and partially insane) was when it was -7 out, and my brother and I decided to go throw a round because it was a heat wave (had been -20 or worse for over a week). Anyways, check out these tips and see what works for you.

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Seven Pro Tips to Improve your Game

Tips to help save you strokes on the course without even practicing. Putting and driving can give you the advantage on the course, but these tips can give you the advantage over the field. If you can remember one or two of these tips, you can use them for your lifetime in the game.

1. Take Your Bag Off!

It’s an easy tip, but I’ve seen it too many times. Unless the shot is right under the basket and your hand can reach the chains, take your bag off! If you don’t practice putt with your bag on, why would you have it on while your putt in a tournament? It can throw your body off balance, not allow your extend your arm, and most importantly cause you to miss the putt. Take your bag off, drop in the putt, and move on to the next one.

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Your First Tournament

Congratulations on building up the nerves to play in your very first tournament! Whether you’re just playing for fun or you’re playing to win, there are a few things to know before your first tournament so that you, and your fellow players, have the best time out there!

Choosing the Right Division to Play in: There are so many choices, but for your first time you’ll want to give the Amatuer divisions a try to start. Check the PDGA’s list of Player Classifications and Divisions. If you are over 40 years old, you may also have the choice of playing in one of the “Age protected” or Masters divisions. There needs to be 3 players signed up to create a division, so if you find yourself in a division of less than 3 you may be asked to change divisions. Work with the TD to find the best fit for you and your competition level.

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My “Be a Better Golfer” Philosophy

Disc golf, just like traditional golf, incorporates many different disciplines.  From the mental game, to the physical ability, naturally gifted talents and the art of managing them all together, when every single stroke counts.

A friend, a few years ago, recommended I read, Golf Is Not a Game of Perfect by Sports Psychologist Dr. Bob Rotella. And now, I recommend it to anyone who is serious about coming up with a game plan to become a better player and possibly, through the process, a better person. His short book will help illuminate all those pesky, seemingly unsolvable problems players stumble on when they know they are a good player, but something changes as soon as the two minute horn is blasted.

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