Why Don’t You Play More PDGA Tournaments?

The following reflects research and comments collected from the ladies on our Facebook page…

According to our Poll:

21 voted for “Too Expensive”

14 voted for “No Babysitter”

7 voted for “Not enough Competition, not enough women playing”

4 voted for “Not enough time to practice”

The Comments for the Poll Read as Follows:

J.S.- “For me, it’s expensive. I’d love to tour some, but working to be able to afford to travel gets in the way. The overall costs can be high- travel (gas/ flight), lodging, food, entry fee- it all adds up quick and I’m not at the point in my game that I’m cashing every time, so I end up throwing down a ton of cash for each event, and getting slim to none of it back.”

R.J.- “The only thing I could think would be make it to where I could bring my 9 year old with Down’s who might be a little outgoing and talkative… Without getting a stroke every time he talked or moved while someone is throwing. LOL.”

L.L. – “when I get the chance to “casually” play competitive disc golf, I do enjoy flatter pay outs for small fields. I mean with only two of us playing anyway it’s not like we are really doing it for the big cash out. I think that until we receive real big time sponsorship and exposure, the payouts for playing professional disc golf will remain small time anyway. I also think that there should be some sort of “qualifying school” that would enable someone to play and call themselves true “professionals” in the sport (of course that would probably push me back to amateur status but so be it).”

J.B.- “I’d agree expense is the main issue. I don’t play when there is no competition, and I know some ladies who challenge me but can’t afford $50 for 2 rounds of disc golf. And a lot of women who play have husbands who play, so it’s a double expense on the family for her to play as well as him. I’d like to see all am women’s divisions charged no more than rec men to play.”

N.W.- “There are plenty of B and C Tier tournaments in my area, so travel isn’t a problem, but it seems only 2-3 women will show up to compete. Then we’re put on one card, one division. I am an Advanced Masters player, competing against women 20 years my junior.”

C.H.- “Alotta cash going out for travel and such due to no other women around me for at least 2 hours or more and with little to no return, it makes it harder and less desirable sometimes”

L.F.- “tourneys are expensive that is true! charging less for women is always a nice incentive….. takes some of the competitive pressures off, which many times push women away.. creating a more fun and friendly environment, rather than straight competitive I think is key.. except for the higher divisions..”

K.J. – “for me it is lack of local competition. For the last year I have been playing with the guys for local events and playing with the women when the field is larger. Honestly, I’m having a blast playing with guys, I’m in the middle, and the entry fee is half what is is to play open women. I know there are more women players locally, but they don’t compete for a variety of reasons…it’s really a bummer.”

J.S. –“it’d be sweet if we could find a way to reduce entries for the ladies at bigger events (when you will have a majority of the women traveling a decent distance). But then again, get together some fundraising so that we can still have decent payouts. Maybe this is something we could talk about, and possibly we could put together a group of ladies to work towards getting some added sponsorships (just for the ladies divisions) for some of the bigger events (IE NTs, some A Tiers, and ladies only events).”

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