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Discing Down

Question from Jennifer:

What do you think of the concept of “discing down?” I keep reading on disc golf forums that people who can’t throw a Roc 300’ and a fairway driver 350’ shouldn’t use distance drivers at all.

But I see a lot of ladies I compete with using 150g class Wraiths, Vulcans, Katanas, etc. and tell me to do the same, even though I can only throw Rocs 250 feet, Leopards 275, and Sidewinders 300 feet (max weight and 150 class). I “disced down” for 6 months, but started using the Sidewinders again recently.

Do you think I should ditch the Sidewinders and just throw Leopards, keep the Sidewinders, or switch to 150 class Wraiths? Thank you.

In The Bag, Instruction

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Avoid “Blow Ups”

Question from Indigo Brude:

“This year I have been practicing a lot and trying really hard to become more consistent. I’ve stopped going for distance on my drives, and have been focusing on placement (keeping it in-bounds, in the middle of the fairway, within decent up-shot distance to the basket). Still though, it seems like at least once every round, I “blow up” on a hole. I throw a crazy drive, have a tough time recovering, miss the putt… and there goes all the work I’ve done throughout the whole round in that one catastrophic double or triple bogie. Is there anything I should be doing in practice to keep this from happening in tournaments? How do you play so consistently good?”

Sarah’s Response:

Ahh, the classic blowup hole.  First of all, realize that we all have these moments.  

Instruction, Mental Game

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Gain Support for Your Women-Only Event

Event coordinator, Denny Ritner, teamed up with Juliana Korver, 5x Women’s World Champion, to create the all women’s tournament La Vie En Rose in Live Oak, FL. This event boasted success in 2009 and 2010 with 60 women in attendance from all over the United States. Denny was determined to spread the word about his event to get more women to play. And to speak from experience – the tournament was a BLAST!

Instruction, Tournaments/Clinics

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Disc Golfing While Pregnant

Why You Should Play, When You shouldn’t, and Advice From Those Who’ve Gone Through It…

Let’s face it; one main reason that more women don’t play disc golf is because life’s priorities take the reigns. Pregnancy is a prime example of what takes women away the disc golf course, but ladies; this doesn’t have to be the case! I reached out to the women on the Facebook page for some answers to “Disc Golfing while Pregnant Questions” and found some very inspiring stories.

Instruction, Moms

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