Yoga for Disc Golf: In Your Arms

Last, but certainly not least, lets focus on stretching out our arms. I’m sure you’ve heard about someone that has blown out their shoulder or hurt their elbow playing Disc Golf. While that does have a lot to do with the fluidity of their throw, it can also be the result of forcing tight arm muscles to preform when they’re not ready. Try out these moves to strengthen and stretch those Frisbee throwers.

Gorilla: From standing, bend at your hips and come to your forward fold. Slightly bend your knees, and lift your toes to allow your hands to slide underneath to step on the palms of your feet. Move around to stretch out your back, your legs, and especially those arms. Raise your head and try to flatten your back, then fall back into your forward fold maybe stretching a little deeper. If you have the flexibility, try to straighten your legs or maybe one then the other. When your ready, come back to standing and shake out those arms.

Plank/Downward Dog Variation: Starting on your hands and knees, lift your sit bones to come to downward dog. With your weight evenly distributed in your hands and feet, and your shoulders away from your ears. Pedal your feet, working your heels to the ground if you can. When your ready come to plank by coming forward bringing your shoulders over hands and legs on the balls of your feet. Tighten your abs, tighten your legs, and keep your back as flat as possible. Hold for 4 slow breaths, and come back to downward dog for a few breathes. Do this sequence 4 times, holding the plank pose for a longer duration. Its okay if you start shaking- that means you’re working! Even through the shaking make sure your body is in good alignment.

Plank/Sphinx Variation: Here’s a fun exercise using that plank pose to test yourself and strengthen those wrists and shoulders. From plank, come down on your right elbow, then left elbow, then starting with right hand then left push yourself back to plank. Now, down your left elbow then right, the left hand pushing yourself up to plank then your right hand pushing yourself up. You’re creating this rocking movement as you come down to your elbows and then back up. Try this move coming to each side twice to start or for a nice stretch, then work up your number as your gain strength.

Forearm Stretch: Start seated with your knees bent and soles of feet on the ground. Place your hands on the mat alongside your hips with your fingers pointing to the front of the mat. Using your hands, scoot your seat closer to your heels. Now lean back on your hands and you should feel that stretching out your forearms. Hold this pose for 4 slow deep breaths, then shake out those arms.

Eagle Pose: Laying on the mat with your knees bend and feet on the outside of your mat (or outside of hips width). Allow your knees to fall inward and balance on each other without effort. Raise your hands to the ceiling, and cross your left arm over your right arm as high as possible and work to bring your palms together, or just allow the backs of your hands to touch. Lift your elbows to the ceiling and your fingertips reaching to the back wall. Especially while your taking deep breathes you should be able to feel this stretch in your shoulders and the opening of your shoulder blades. Hold this pose for a few deep breaths, unwind, shake out your arms, and repeat on the other side by crossing your right arm over the left. 

Incorporate these moves into your Disc Golf routine to keep those arm muscles and tendons flexible. Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try, so thank you for trying these moves out today. Namaste.

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