Discs for Beginners

DiscGolf4Women Facebook Question: “What would you recommend as a bag of starter discs for a lady who is a non-athlete with little upper body strength or conditioning?”

The Ladies of DiscGolf4Women Facebook Group Respond:

G.R. – “Shark – great beginner disc.”

A.S. – “My favorite was the Roc when I was learning, but later I found the Cobra, which was similar, but easier for me to grip, because the lip was a little shallower. I experimented with 160 class, but 180 acted about the same for me, and handled better if there was wind. I have a couple Sharks I tried, and they are nice, too. Personally, I kept finding myself trusting the Roc (and now Cobra) more.

G.B. – “150 DX leopard”

G.B. – “Stingray or Buzzz”

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Making the Call

Knowing and abiding by the rules makes Disc Golf a fair game for everyone playing. Unfortunately, there are no referees so we are the ones to enforce the rules on the course, even in the heat of the competition. It is always a difficult situation for me, and I assume for other players out there, to acknowledge the problem without it ruining the friendly competition. So, I asked the ladies on our Facebook Group how they handle it when someone in their group is not playing by the rules. Read below for their suggestions and experiences…

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Yoga for Disc Golf: Shoulder Stretches

These yoga moves below are intended to stretch and open up your chest and shoulders, key muscle groups used in the Disc Golf throw. Incorporating these and other yoga moves into your routine will help with your flexibility and more importantly prevent injuries. 

Disclaimer- You should avoid these moves if you have any shoulder injuries or shoulder surgery. Listen to your body and never push yourself past your limits. If you begin to feel any tingling or pain, back off of the intensity of the stretch!

Instruction, Training, Yoga

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