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How to Start a Women’s League

“Since starting this website, I’ve received many requests from ladies wanting to learn “how to start a women’s league.” I have been a part of several women’s leagues, and, of course, have heard many great ideas that women use to in their leagues; so I created a list! Hopefully these tips can help you start up your very own women’s league in your area. A women’s league is a great way to get women to come out to the course in a positive, fun, and encouraging way seperate from the intimidation they may feel when playing with guys. If you have any helpful tips that you think I should add to the list Contact Us using the link at the bottom of the page.”

Valarie Jenkins

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Putting Practice

Question from Heather:

How do improve my putting? How do I practice putting so I can create better putting habits? Thank you!!

Val’s Response:

Now, I will be the first to admit that I do not like practicing. Practicing to me takes the fun out of the game for me, like homework almost. But there are the rare occasions that I get out the backyard and the one thing that I work on is my putting. Although, I might not be the best role model for putting, I can also say that it dramatically helps create positive reinforcement when you step out on the course.

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Follow Through to Success

The follow-through is a very important part of the whole throwing technique. It completes the throw by allowing the player to utilize all of their power, instead of stopping shot and limiting it. The follow through is the key to so many other sports too. Think of a baseball players swing, a soccer players kick, a tennis players serve. They all follow through because it is the offset of all the power exuded in their “strike point”, or our release.

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Yoga for Disc Golf: Legs for Days

You may not realize the miles that you walk around the course playing Disc Golf, but it really does take a toll on your entire body if your legs are too tight. If you don’t stretch out your legs, you’ll start to feel it up into your lower back causing other issues. There are plenty of moves to choose from in this extended issue, so you’ve got plenty to chose from!

Disclaimer as always: Don’t push your body past what you can handle. You may bring yourself to an uncomfortable or challenging position, but if it starts to be painful – BACK OFF! You’ll notice how inflexible you are with these moves, but keep at it and these stretches will get easier and your legs will appreciate it! 

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School or Disc Golf?

This is a tough decision for many young players out there, and a tough decision I had to make after graduating from high school. I knew that I wasn’t ready for college right out of high school because like many kids, I had no idea what I wanted to “do with my life”. What I did know was that I wanted to travel and continue competing in Disc Golf tournaments as I had been doing for years with my family.

My guidance counselor at school did not understand my “untypical lifestyle” so he did not help out much with helping me research online schools, so I just decided to “take a year off”.

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