Putting Practice

Question from Heather:

How do improve my putting? How do I practice putting so I can create better putting habits? Thank you!!

Val’s Response:

Now, I will be the first to admit that I do not like practicing. Practicing to me takes the fun out of the game for me, like homework almost. But there are the rare occasions that I get out the backyard and the one thing that I work on is my putting. Although, I might not be the best role model for putting, I can also say that it dramatically helps create positive reinforcement when you step out on the course.

My favorite way to practice putting is to play putting games. I love the game “HORSE” or “DISC” –where you putt from a location you chose, then your opponents go from the same spot, if anyone misses from that location they get a letter and the next person in line gets to chose the next putting spot. This type of game puts the pressure on that repetitive putting the backyard really can’t simulate. You can also learn how to make clutch putts, as well as try out different putts- like straddles, hyzers, anhyzers, or maybe even turbos!

The main goal about practicing is to help you when you step up to those putts on the course or during a tournament round. I use the same putters that I would use during a round, and not just “yard discs”. I want to get the feel of the putters I have in my bag and I want to know every characteristic of them so I am comfortable with them during the rounds.

Also, don’t over do it. Practice for a maximum of 30 minutes, and then walk away. If you start to overdo it, you are not getting good practice in and your mind won’t be focusing on the goal.

Good Luck practicing, and always remember to have fun while doing it!

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