How to Start a Women’s League

“Since starting this website, I’ve received many requests from ladies wanting to learn “how to start a women’s league.” I have been a part of several women’s leagues, and, of course, have heard many great ideas that women use to in their leagues; so I created a list! Hopefully these tips can help you start up your very own women’s league in your area. A women’s league is a great way to get women to come out to the course in a positive, fun, and encouraging way seperate from the intimidation they may feel when playing with guys. If you have any helpful tips that you think I should add to the list Contact Us using the link at the bottom of the page.”

Valarie Jenkins

Promoting the League/ Getting Women there:

Register the league on, to have a website to send women to, and update the information as the schedule changes
– Hand out minis/ flyers with league information and website
– Encourage them that it is a fun learning experience to play with the ladies
– Have the first league night be a meet and greet/ instructional to open the league to those who have never played before
– Promote within the disc golf course as well by invite the wives and daughters of those local disc golfers
– Get all your guy friend disc golfers to donate a couple discs or a few each to get back up and loaner and give away discs for those new girls

How to run the league:

Download a Scorecard Template here! *(This template allows you to fill in the Division, Player’s Names, Hole Pars, and Front and Back 9 Totals.)
– Keep it positive and ensure the ladies that “most fun wins”
– For people who do have a lot of courses, rotate between them and girls from other sides of the city will come out to the ones that are closer for them, but us others will car pool also.
– Start with a monthly league to get women to commit to 1 day
-Figure out a schedule/day that works for the majority ladies
– Play on a slow day at the course to avoid causing backups and any negative feedback from local golfers.
– Play in smaller groups to keep the flow of play consistent
– Play doubles to take off the pressure of the one persons game
– Play singles, but make sure that each group has an experienced player among them to lead the group, keep score, and answer questions
– Keep score to see their improvements through the weeks
– Or Instead of paying out for scores, try doing 2-3 CTP’s each week and make it an 80 foot or closer upshot so everyone has a chance at hitting it
– Allow Mulligans for the new players to give them a second chance to redeem themselves, and instantly learn from their mistakes
– Make it so roads and other OB’s are not OB at women’s league unless you’re doing a singles night for warm up for a tournament.
– Have spare discs and minis to give the women a chance to learn new discs and play by the rules

How to keep them coming back:

– Keep track of scores to show improvement through the league
– Have a party at the end of the league season to play toward a goal
– Give out tickets for a raffle depending on how many league nights the player attended, and create a drawing for donated swag from the local club.

Instruction, Tournaments/Clinics

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