Putting 101

Here are a few of my putting tips that I use when I step behind the mini and gaze into those shiny chains…

1. Focus- Instead of focusing on the basket as a whole, focus on an area of links that you want to hit. This will narrow your focus and allow you to more accurate hit your intended goal.

2. Repeat your Mantra- I always have some sort of mantra that I say to myself as I am focusing on my putt. I relate it to what I am having trouble with to try and tell myself to remember. I stick to one simple saying like “reach” or “aim high”, or even “give it your all, Val!”

3. Shifting your weight- Whether straddle putting, or standing staggered it is important to shift your weight to move your momentum toward the basket. I focus on shifting my weight by standing there and then shifting to put my weight on the ball of my front foot, while pushing off and extending my back leg to get full extension toward the basket. *Work on the balance of your putting stance to ensure that when you shift your weight you won’t fall over!

4. REACH!- Even after you let your putt go continue reaching your arm toward you aim point. Just imagine a basketball player shooting a 3-pointer, they continue to have their arm raised even after the let go of the ball. In this way you will know if you have fully extended your arm toward your goal, and that you have given the putt your full effort. When you drop your arm after the putt, it will usually fall short. *If you’re having troubles with this, focus on grabbing the pole- Okay, pervs.. We’re still talking Disc Golf here! Much like reaching and extending I make sure that I am reaching my arm toward the pole of the basket. It is the center point; it is where I want my disc to hit.

5. Confidence- It is inevitable that you are going to miss a putt (or 5 during the round). The most important part is to not crumble. Regain your confidence by getting your mind back to concentrating on your simple mantra, shifting your weight and reaching toward your target. If you can realize what you did wrong on your missed putt, you can compensate during your next putt to get yourself back on track. Believing that you CAN putt, may be the hardest thing to remember during the round, but is definitely the most crucial.


Okay, now study and do your homework…


*Photo by Alessa Schwarz

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