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It’s time to get back on the Course!

With the new bundle of joy and the million new responsibilties there are many reasons to keep a New mom from getting back to the Disc Golf course. This, however, does not have to be the case. Whether you bring the child or not, Disc Golf is a great opportunity for that much needed “Me time”. Read the advice from the DG4W ladies about how they got back to the course after having children and how they made it work.

How did your game change after having the baby? How long was it until you played again?

Kathy Sprague said, “I started yoga as soon as I could, but took my time with disc golf because it took longer than I thought to heal” after having a C-section. She did recommend, “I think it’s great to get out there and play as soon as you feel ready. It does help get you back in shape for sure.”

Amber Sneft says that “it [took her] a while to get back to your old swing but its all muscle memory and you learn it back fast.  You might have to start with lower power disc until you build your speed back up.”

I asked these women in general do they get a babysitter, or do they bring the new baby with them for a casual round?

Valarie Shade admits, “Sometimes I needed ME time – usually limited, but some of my favorite times on the course were [the] 30 [minute] lunch periods out of work, [I] kept my discs in the trunk and [would] just do a speed run through the first 5 or 6 holes.”

If the option is available, many women have a friend or family member travel with them to watch the kids during the day of the tournament. Emelie Cameron had her parents travel with them at last year’s Australian Championships. “I just had to feed him between rounds,” she said. If this option is available, it is a solution to bring the kids but also be able to play come tournament time.

Now that you’ve got baby in tow, your bag transforms into disc golf/ baby central on wheels. So I asked the ladies, what’s your “golfing with baby set up?”

Lindsay Lugo is prepared for all situations, “I have a separate plastic bag with another plastic bag (in case there is a poopy diaper), a couple of diapers, some wipes, something to dry baby off with and a changing pad.  I also bring Richmond’s lovey and pair in case he gets tired and needs a nap, a car or something to play with, a mini and an edge shark, a light blanket, sunscreen, a hat, bug spray, snacks and a drink.”

While the course offers some fresh air and great exercise, it can be a dangerous place for children. In reality, discs can be dangerous especially an incoming arrant drive. Mindy Robertson mentions, “that we need to be conscious of other players on the course. A lot of our local courses are designed so that the pad for the next hole is very near the basket for the previous hole, which essentially always makes you a target. It’s a good idea to pick a course with a much better layout to avoid that situation when possible.”

What are the best strollers out there to use on the disc golf course?

Carly Shintaku used a Jeep walking stroller and the tires failed her while playing her local Texas courses. She suggests investing in “an all-terrain jogging stroller with ample storage.” Walking strollers just can’t handle the terrain most courses present, and don’t work well off cement.

Lindsay uses the BOB revolution stroller. She explains, “We picked it specifically for disc golf.  It is top rated for off-road and has a swivel or fixed front wheel so it can be a jogging stroller or it can maneuver through the isles of the smallest stores.  It has a 5-point harness and suspension as well as some good storage room.  I also have the sun/bug shield and rain shield for my BOB and they have both come in very handy.” Kathy also uses the BOB Revolution stroller, and loves it and says it works even on and extremely hilly rugged course.

Now that your busy with the baby, can you really find time to play golf? I asked the ladies, why is it important for new moms to get back to the course and play?

Emelie says “You can play at your own pace so it is a great way to slowly get back to doing exercise. It is also easy as you can take the baby with you. I got some of the [moms] in my mother’s group out and we have a great time throwing and chatting at a leisurely pace all pushing [strollers].”

Kathy is thankful that she has the opportunity and time to play in her Women’s League. “That’s my excuse to get out and play and it’s Sam’s time with Daddy. She also suggests that, “Everyone needs some time away from the kid(s), if you can do it schedule it otherwise something will come up to change your plans.”

Busy moms need to make time for themselves to keep sane, so why not let your outlet be Disc Golf? As the ladies mentioned above, there are great options for strollers and preparation to bring along the new family addition. And as for your play, consider it a new beginning. It may be difficult to get back to playing as much or as well as you used to but take your time, don’t overdo it, and always listen to your body.

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