Making a Tough Stance Work

We have all been there- You are stuck behind an obstacle and working to get a good balanced stance behind the disc while trying to get the best angle around the obstacle. We try out multiple stances trying to find that one that feel comfortable. The hardest part of this all is trying to pull off a great shot without falling over and committing a foot fault.

Many players tend to put their left heel behind their mini and stretch out their right leg as far as possible to get the best angle for the now. At this point their stance is legal.

The hard part now is for the player to put weight on their right foot while keeping their heel down behind their mini. Often times people lift up their heel as they naturally try to maintain balance, or they follow through by lifting their left foot. These are both foot fault violations.

Here are some tips:

To maintain balance and get even a better angle for these types of shots, try placing the ball of your left foot behind the mini. You must still keep the ball of your foot behind the mini as you throw your shot, but you have more movement in your foot while still being in a legal stance. Once the disc is release, you may then follow through.

Remember, you must have no supporting point contact with the marker disc or any object closer to the hole than the rear edge of the marker disc. You can take up to 30cm (roughly 1ft or the size of another disc) behind your marker disc when preparing your stance.

In this stance, you will have more balance because you can now put more of your weight on your right leg and foot. This is where the core of this shot will come from since you are limited in this position to use your whole body.

Try this stance next time you’re in a sticky situation. It may save you some strokes!


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